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Sep 10
Targeting for the holiday season with connected TV, geofencing, & geoframing

Targeting for the holiday season with connected TV, geofencing, & geoframing

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Green Monday, Super Saturday, and Boxing Day have expanded the definition of “the holiday advertising push” for marketers. The addition of shopping days means it’s time to start decking the halls, hanging the stockings, and putting together your digital advertising strategy for this holiday season.

Wait, should I start my planning holiday advertising strategy now? 

Yes, right now. One of the biggest misconceptions about “the holiday advertising push” is that you need to start the campaigns before the Thanksgiving weekend and Black Friday. This isn’t the case. In fact, the National Retail Federation (NRF) reports that “each year, about 40 percent of consumers begin their holiday shopping before Halloween.”

Knowing that consumers are beginning their holiday shopping earlier, you should look to get your digital advertising campaigns up and running soon. This will allow you to optimize your campaigns before the big holiday push that comes at the end of November.

Not sure where to start?

We’ve got you covered with some targeting tactics to reach those eager holiday audiences through connected TV, geofencing, and geoframing.

Need a quick refresher on connected TV?
Or geofencing and geoframing?

Year-around gift giver

Shop ’til you drop. Use geoframing to reach consumers that frequent malls or shopping centers throughout the entire year, as they are more likely to return during the holiday season. According to a report from GPShopper, which analyzed the factors influencing consumers’ holiday shopping preferences, more than half of shoppers, or 61 percent, valued the ability to leave with their gifts the same day they’re purchased. Those shopping behaviors begin well before the holiday season.

Loyal shoppers are gold. Target your highest-valued store visitors by enabling geoframing to drive repeat purchases during the holiday season. Better yet, craft a unique message for your ads to drive cross-sell or up-sell opportunities.

Take it to the next level and conquest your competitors’ customers. Use geofencing to target and convert frequent visitors to competitive locations in real-time. Just think about the value of reaching your competitors’ lapsed customers and driving them to your store.

Black Friday enthusiasts

Black Friday is when the holiday shopping rush doubles down for both consumers and marketers. According to a survey by Nanigans, marketers plan to devote 25 percent of their annual budgets—amounting to nearly $6 billion—to digital advertising and traditional media during the four-day shopping period from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

Reach consumers that participated Black Friday weekend last year at shopping centers, malls big box stores, and major retailers with geoframing targeting.

Looking for a jumping-off point? Our geoframing partner has 475 place categories and over 270 branded chains audiences that are ready-to-use within any digital advertising campaign.

Place categories
Cards and Stationery
Jewelry and Watches
Shopping Centers Gift and Novelty

Brand shoppers
Apple Store
Barnes & Noble
Kay Jewelers

Holiday elves

Not all consumers get into the holiday spirit by shopping. Some of us look to classic holiday movies or, even, the Christmas flicks that run on the Lifetime or the Hallmark Channel to get into the holiday spirit. To reach those consumers (or holiday elves), leverage connected TV advertising.

Powered by private marketplace deals, connected TV advertising brings the benefits of programmatic to TV advertising to reach highly-engaged audiences through the selection of specific deals to reach your ideal audience.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite connected TV deals below.

CTV Deal Floor Price CPM
A&E – US – RON (A&E, History Channel, Lifetime, FYI) $48.25
Crown Media (Hallmark Channel) – US – RON – Full Episode Player (FEP) $28.16
Food Network (Discovery) – US – RON (SpotX) $44.23
ABC (Long Form Entertainment) – US – RON Long Form Entertainment $50.26
Hulu Originals – US – Hulu Originals – All Devices (Connected TV, Mobile, Desktop) $70.35
Amazon Fire Stick – US – RON Long Form Entertainment $70.46

Holiday season = football

The start of the “holiday advertising push” also means the start of football season. Plus, the environment on how consumers watch football is quickly changing. Viewership of NFL games on digital platforms has jumped 65 percent from 2017 through the 2018 season, the league said in a report. The average minute audience was 326,000 viewers per game window across different platforms. To take it a step further, the number of audiences streaming on phones has increased 147 percent compared to 2017 and streaming via connected TV devices has grown 54 percent, according to statistics cited in the NFL report.

As more and more football viewers are switching to connected TV devices, so should your digital advertising strategy.

Since CTV advertising is a form of private marketplace (PMP) deal, we’ve rounded up a few deals you could use to target football watchers.

CTV Deal Floor Price CPM
Fox (NFL Football) – US – Live NFL Football Games $70.35
ESPN (NCAA College Football) – US – Live NCAA College Football Games $60.30
DirecTV Now / AT&T (NCAA College Football) – US – Live NCAA College Football Games $66.33
Fox (NCAA College Football) – US – Live NCAA College Football Games $50.26
ABC (NCAA College Football) – US – Live NCAA College Football Games $56.28

Bonus: Nightmare before Christmas

With the holiday shopping season starting earlier, we figured why not share some targeting options for Halloween. Not that it should be a surprise, but there are actually 422 ghost tours and 415 haunted house venues across the US.

With geoframing, you can reach consumers who have visited haunted houses, escape rooms, and ghost tours in the past year. You could even reach consumers that went to a haunted house last Halloween.

All these targeting options for connected TV, geofencing, and geoframing are Supported Solutions offering which can be enabled with the help of a member on our Client Experience team. Learn more about our Supported Solutions.

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