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Jul 18
Choozle Targeting is a Piece of Cake Infographic Featured Image

Targeting is a piece of cake!

The targeting tactics used in digital advertising strategies can range from basic demographics to detailed personas. Because of this, the targeting portion of creating programmatic ad campaigns can seem daunting at best.

If you’re stuck in a rut, try to think of it as a wedding cake (except not as delicious). A sheet cake is cost-effective and will feed more people. However, the taller you go, the more expensive it gets—and the fewer people you’re able to feed with each tier. Apply this logic to targeting and it represents both the rising cost and shrinking user pool as more granular constraints are added to a custom audience. But don’t get us wrong—highly-targeted audiences can be extremely effective if used correctly!

Download our free infographic below to learn how you can use this analogy to know exactly which tactics to use in order to create custom audiences that are ideal for your campaign budgets, tactics, and goals.

Choozle Targeting is a Piece of Cake Infographic

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