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Aug 29
Unpacking in-house programmatic for brands

Unpacking in-house programmatic for brands

Marketers are busy. It’s impossible to stay on top of every trend and best practice in digital marketing, advertising, social media, SEO, PR, etc., so it only makes sense to outsource some parts of the overall marketing strategy. However, more and more brands are starting to realize that in-house programmatic media buying is exactly what’s missing from their brand puzzle, and they’re starting to unpack the reasons why the pros outweigh the cons.

However, brands are still lacking the confidence to increase internal resources (i.e., hire more people for media buying and data management), better track ROI, relate strategies back to business goals, and use analytics to better drive business outcomes.

If it’s the money you’re worried about, fear not. A recent Nanigans report calculated that, by removing the middleman from the equation, a company spending $2 million annually on digital advertising can save roughly one-quarter of that by bringing operations in-house. Plus, they claim that only one or two people are needed to run programmatic in-house, diminishing the need for an effective, but expensive, army.

According to a recent Marketing Dive Brief, recent research from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) reports that 18 percent of marketers purchasing digital ads have moved functions in-house or have started to, while another whopping 47 percent have plans in place to do so. Furthermore, the Programmatic In-Housing Whitepaper published by the IAB reports that “marketers’ perceived risk of developing in-house capabilities may be mitigated as programmatic is likely to be entrenched as the digital advertising process of choice for years to come.”

Besides obvious reasons like increased control, transparency, and budget control, why would brands want to bring their media buying in-houseDownload the infographic below to find out how to make sure the transition to in-house programmatic is worth it.

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