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May 24

Unlocking the Power of Walmart DSP with Choozle

In the competitive world of digital advertising, success hinges on the right blend of data, technology, and access. At Choozle, we’re thrilled to introduce access to Walmart DSP, made possible through our partnership with The Trade Desk. This integration lets you tap into Walmart’s extensive customer insights and leverage cutting-edge advertising tools to drive exceptional campaign performance. Join us as we explore how this powerful combination can elevate your advertising strategy.

What Is Walmart DSP?
Advantages of Walmart DSP
How Does Walmart DSP Work?
Key Benefits of Walmart DSP Through Choozle


What Is Walmart DSP?

At its core, a Demand-Side Platform (DSP) streamlines the bidding process. Advertisers can participate in real-time auctions across multiple exchanges simultaneously. In the realm of retail media, DSPs extend beyond traditional shopping sites. For instance, Amazon’s DSP allows marketers to bid on ads across streaming TV, Twitch, and other carefully selected offsite channels.

The Walmart Demand Side Platform (DSP) is a pivotal component of Walmart Connect, the company’s robust advertising service. Through Walmart DSP, eligible advertisers gain the ability to target Walmart shoppers beyond the confines of the Walmart platform. This includes reaching audiences across various channels, such as audio, video, CTV (Connected TV), mobile, and display advertising.

Walmart reaches 90% of U.S. households across its online site and its network of physical stores.

Advantages of Walmart DSP: Rich Measurement Capabilities

One significant advantage lies in Walmart’s extensive measurement capabilities. With access to both online and offline shopper behavior data, Walmart covers a staggering 90% of U. households across its online site and physical stores. Advertisers can leverage this rich user data to:

  • Create audiences of high-value shoppers.
  • Re-target individuals who browsed but didn’t complete a purchase.
  • Craft custom or lookalike audiences tailored to specific campaign goals.
  • Understanding Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs)

How Does Walmart DSP Work?

Walmart DSP enhances your targeting options, enabling you to reach shoppers across various sites on the open internet and connected TV platforms. Launched in 2021 in partnership with The Trade Desk, Walmart DSP empowers advertisers to run display and video ads beyond Walmart’s own site and app.

Key Benefits of Walmart DSP Through Choozle

  1. Activate Extensive Data: Leverage data from Walmart’s 150 million weekly shoppers to target your most valuable audience.
  2. Reach at Every Stage: Engage individuals at every stage of their customer journey across multiple devices and channels to influence their purchase decisions before they visit a Walmart store or website.
  3. Optimize Frequency: Manage frequency to enhance the customer experience and improve brand efficiency.
  4. Measure Effectively: Attribute media spend to sales results using closed-loop measurement for online and in-store sales.

Unmatched Customer Data

Walmart DSP offers advertisers the unique advantage of utilizing Walmart’s extensive customer data, gathered from both online and offline interactions across Walmart’s vast network. This data encompasses detailed purchase history, shopping behaviors, and demographic insights from millions of Walmart shoppers. By tapping into this rich reservoir of first-party data, advertisers can better understand their target audiences and create highly personalized and effective ad campaigns.

Advanced Targeting Capabilities

With Walmart DSP, Choozle advertisers can leverage sophisticated targeting capabilities to reach specific audience segments precisely. This includes targeting based on purchase history, shopping habits, and product-level interactions. Such granular targeting ensures that ads are shown to the most relevant audiences, thereby increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

  • Historical: Past brand buyers, lapsed brand buyers, and past category buyers. Brands can use this to compete for category dominance.
  • Predictive: Likely and in-market buyers at the brand and category level
  • Persona: Lifestyle and life stages based on historical purchase data signals
  • Custom Audiences: Customizable parameters like lookback window, frequency, and purchase channel

Seamless Integration with The Trade Desk

The integration of Walmart DSP through The Trade Desk ensures a seamless and efficient advertising experience. The platform provides robust campaign management, optimization, and reporting tools, allowing advertisers to easily plan, execute, and analyze their campaigns. This enhances advertising efforts’ efficiency and effectiveness, enabling real-time adjustments and data-driven decision-making.

Comprehensive Reach and Impact

By utilizing Walmart DSP, Choozle advertisers can extend their reach to one of the country’s broadest and most engaged shopper bases. This expansive reach, precision targeting capabilities, and rich customer insights translate into impactful advertising that drives results. Whether the goal is to boost brand awareness, drive in-store or online sales, or engage new customer segments, Walmart DSP provides the tools and data necessary to achieve these objectives.

Enhanced ROI

The ability to target the right audience with the right message at the right time, backed by real-time analytics and insights, ensures that advertising budgets are utilized efficiently and effectively.

Connect Campaigns to Sales with Closed-Loop Measurement

  1. Real-time reporting throughout the camping flight
  2. Attribute online and in-store Walmart sales outcome to campaign spend
  3. Track conversions on your brand site with universal pixels
  4. Measure incremental reach across Walmart DSP and Choozle

The Bottom Line

Leveraging Walmart DSP through Choozle represents a significant opportunity for advertisers to harness the power of advanced data and technology to drive superior advertising outcomes. This offering allows Choozle to provide advertisers the tools they need to create highly targeted, impactful, and measurable ad campaigns. Embrace this innovative approach to elevate your advertising strategy and achieve results.

About the author:

Sarah Lilly, Product Marketing Manager at Choozle, brings the team a wealth of marketing experience. She began her career in digital advertising and later transitioned into product marketing. Collaborating extensively with cross-functional teams, Sarah refines product strategies to meet evolving market demands, ensuring that Choozle’s solutions remain at the forefront of digital advertising. In her spare time, you can find her curled up with a good book and her pup, Huey, or exploring Denver with friends. 

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