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Nov 19

Why in-depth reporting is critical to marketers’ success

The demand for marketers to prove the success of their digital campaigns is higher than ever before, which is why you need to have reporting that gives you everything you need to make smart and quick decisions.

The right kind of reporting includes in-depth performance data that gives you a holistic look at all your key indicators. It would also include visualizations that help you identify trends and prioritize your optimization decisions. Metrics and data aren’t very useful unless they are presented in the correct context while providing actionable insights for the business. It’s important to have an understanding of what is working and what is not so that you can create strategies that are optimized for success.

Choozle’s new Detailed Reports feature is here to provide you with the in-depth insights that are key to making sound campaign optimization decisions. Understand your digital strategy in Choozle, optimize your audience reach, and showcase your success with Detailed Reports.

Detailed Reports is a time-saving tool that gives you access to real-time performance data. By having a clear picture of your campaign performance, you can spend more time on what matters most—creative development and strategy. From the start of your campaign, check quick views of real-time ad group performance easily from the Choozle platform. Visualize your campaign’s data with graphs, charts, and heat maps to identify trends easily.

Schedule your Detailed Reports to send to your email inbox, as well as other team members’, to stay synchronized as your campaign progresses. Select a data set that you want to track to ensure everyone on your team has exactly what they need. With CSV, PDF, or PNG formats, you’re able to include easy-to-use visualizations for reporting.

Continue to eliminate unnecessary time spent tracking data by setting campaign alerts on the performance metrics that impact performance. Campaign alerts let you set specific thresholds on key data points that are critical to the success of your campaigns. For example, you can set an alert that will send an email if your click-through rate is lower than your set threshold. Or, if your campaign ad spend is greater than your budget you can set an alert that will let you know so you can make the necessary adjustments to meet your campaign’s goals.

Alerts can be set for any metric within Detailed Reports, at both the campaign and ad group level, with conditions described above and more. Use automated alerts to eliminate time spent downloading pivot reports and waiting on the platform. Monitor your campaign’s performance to find out what channels or audiences are working best, so you continue to refine and optimize your strategy.

Choozle’s Detailed Reports are committed to providing actionable and unique insights that marketers need to succeed. Hone in on meaningful metrics like click-through rate (CTR) and return on ad spend (RoAS) by viewing multiple representations of each metrics for ad groups and even specific creatives. Analyze metrics and test creatives against each other based on the performance of specific geolocations, audience sources, or website placements. Detailed Reports aims to offer the deepest marketing insights possible, with the kind of flexibility marketers need.

Choozle’s upgraded reporting system is here to help you make sophisticated optimization decisions faster, so you can start launching more successful campaigns.

  • Increase speed to market with updated campaign optimization tools
  • Reduce time spent analyzing oversized pivot reports
  • Surface metrics to speak to the unique aspects of your campaign
    • Analyze and compare top-performing sites, private marketplace deals, ad placement, and fold position
  • In-depth, live data is viewable at all times
  • Shared data within teams seamlessly
  • Identify opportunities for optimizations without lag time or outside reporting tools
  • Test optimizations and apply what you learn quickly

Your digital advertising success means something to us. We want to see you launch and master the digital campaigns you want to see. That’s why Detailed Reports is the first of many improvements coming to the Choozle platform.

Leverage the power of digital advertising across display, video, mobile, audio, connected tv, digital out-of-home with easy-to-use software, supportive coaches, and the most transparent reporting yet.

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