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Brand Standards & Guidelines


Platform Language Guidelines


  • Friendly
  • Instructive
  • Genuine
  • Approachable


  • Conversational
  • Empathic
  • Service-oriented
  • Concise
  • Straightforward

Words and Phrases to Avoid

  • Validation
  • Are you sure?
  • Authenticate
  • Please
  • Must

Grammar, Punctuation & Mechanics

• Use sentence case for headers, subheaders, list items, placeholders, and buttons.
• Don’t capitalize random words in a sentence.

• Spell out numbers one through nine and also when a number starts a sentence. Otherwise, use the numeral.
• When formatting numbers in a table or data grid, right align the column so that the numbers are aligned by the far right decimal point.

Use the oxford comma when writing lists to ensure clarity.

You can use a colon to introduce a list of items.

Use a period at the end of a complete sentence, except for titles—unless the title is a question. Then, use a question mark.

Exclamation Points
Avoid exclamation points, especially when writing error messages. We don’t want our users to think we’re yelling at them.

For microcopy, use a comma or period instead.

Front-loading Content
Put the most important concepts first. This helps our users find the most important information as they scan the page.

Errors, Confirmations & Other Messages

Error Messages
Error messages bring discomfort to our users. Write without sternness or giving orders to avoid blaming them when an error occurs. To turn the delay into a pleasant experience, describe the problem concisely, avoid negative words, and provide a clear solution.

Good: Choose a start date.

Avoid: You must enter a start date!!

Confirmation Messages
Confirmation messages assure our users that they completed the action they wanted to take or ask if it’s the right action they wanted to take but do so without questioning the user’s judgment. The message, including button text, should be specific.

Good Example: Do you want to cancel your account?


  Are you sure you want to cancel your account?

    [YES] [NO]

Use placeholders in fields you especially want users to complete or fields that users might not understand. Placeholders aren’t always needed. Don’t repeat the field label in the placeholder.. This helps avoid redundancies and a crowded design.

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