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May 06
Strategy for Food Delivery Ads

5 targeting strategies for food delivery ads

With changes to our day-to-day, more and more consumers are avoiding going to the store and instead opting to get goods like groceries & restaurant take-out delivered to their doors. For food advertising, this presents a unique opportunity to market to customers looking to get all the essentials without leaving their homes.

Whether you’re advertising for a restaurant, grocery delivery service, or a meal kit subscription, here are the top five targeting strategies to make your food delivery ads stand out.

Top strategies for food delivery ads


In an ideal world, every person viewing your ad or coming to your website would instantly click and convert. But the buyer’s journey is rarely linear–this is especially true for brands with longer acquisition funnels.

When buyers can’t make up their minds, you can leverage retargeting, a strategy that typically converts users at a higher rate, to keep them engaged and interested during their decision-making process.

Putting strategy into action

Food delivery

Your retargeting audience is already familiar with your brand–these are the people who stopped at your ad or online store to window shop before moving on. To get them to come back, what you can do is launch a retargeting campaign and offer up a coupon or a free delivery on their first order.

Meal kit subscriptions

To create a high-converting retargeting campaign, what you can do is separate your retargeting audience out into two segments: One for unconverted website traffic, and another for past subscribers who ended their service, and then reengage both audience segments with a promotion, limited-offer, or a one-time free delivery.


Connected TV advertising

Everyone’s cooped up inside and streaming more TV content than ever right now. If your goal is brand awareness and reaching a highly engaged audience, look no further than connected TV (CTV) advertising. In recent weeks, we’ve seen an increase in the number of available CTV impressions and a dip in CPM rates.

CTV advertising allows you to show ads on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and other premium content providers to reach millennials and cord-cutting households. In Choozle, it’s available as a private marketplace deal.

Putting strategy into action

Food delivery

TV ads are highly engaging–especially when they’re about food. It’s like after watching a Big Mac commercial, all you can think about is burgers. To get your store or restaurant at the top of the viewers’ minds, run an ad during family viewing hour to seed the idea of ordering from you later in the week.

Meal kit subscriptions

Many people are cooking more meals at home, and they’re craving convenience. Enter: meal kit subscriptions. Since connected TV is primarily for creating brand awareness, this is your first introduction to viewers. Make sure your creative & messaging is attention-grabbing and speaks to the times we’re in today.

Interested? Connected TV advertising is available within Choozle as a Supported Solution. More on what connected TV advertising is exactly, and how it works here.

CRM and email targeting

In Choozle, there are a couple of ways you can leverage email in your digital advertising campaigns.

The first is CRM targeting, which allows you to activate onboarded data within a campaign to target people who are already engaged with your brand. CRM data can come from online and offline sources–email newsletter lists, past-purchasers, event attendees, etc.

The next is our email advertising solution. Powered by LiveIntent, this solution enables you to access to a unique, unduplicated source of inventory source that allows you to advertise within the newsletters of premium content publishers.

Putting strategy into action

Food delivery

People like what’s familiar, which explains our tendency to eat at the same restaurants and shop at the same grocery stores. If you publish a newsletter or run a loyalty program, you can use CRM targeting to tell regulars about your latest offerings, discounts, or new pick up & delivery options.

Meal kit subscriptions

Tapping into LiveIntent’s inventory, you can place ads within the email newsletters of publishers like Bon Appetit and Country Living to get your meal kit subscription in front of highly-engaged, opted-in readers. When paired with native advertising, email advertising becomes all the more potent.

Ready to leverage email within your campaigns? Email advertising is available within Choozle as a Supported Solution. CRM Onboarding can be activated with a Data Package.

Third-party data targeting

Looking to go beyond your usual audience? Third-party data targeting is a good option for brands striving to extend their reach and gain new customers.

But how does it differ from first-party data exactly? The main difference is how the data is gathered. Third-party data is collected and aggregated from customers by a company that isn’t directly involved in the transaction. While it’s not the same as getting the information straight from the customers yourself, the in-depth audience analysis of third-party data can match the precision and scale.

In Choozle, you’ll find a variety of targetable data segments for food delivery, online grocery delivery services, cooking, and so on. For a taste, here are just a few of the audience segments available:

  • Epsilon has many, many data segments around food & meal delivery services. Examples include people who’ve made one or more purchases with an online grocery delivery service, people who order out for food more than three times a week, and people who’ve used a meal kit delivery service. They also offer at-home cooking segments, from master chefs and experimental cooks to people who prefer meals that require little preparation.
  • ShareThis offers data segments for people who’ve recently expressed interest in food & grocery delivery observed from social sharing and searched page visits.
  • 42matters has a data segment available for people who’ve ordered food delivery through apps.
  • Dstillery offers a data segment for consumers researching and subscribing to meal kit delivery services.
  • PushSpring has a data segment for people who use on-demand food delivery apps.
  • TrueData offers data segments for people who have Postmates and DoorDash downloaded as apps to their phone.

Many marketers are wondering how they can adjust their strategy during this time. Need help fine-tuning your creative & messaging for a food delivery ads? Reach out.

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