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Jun 19
Digital Display Ad Creative: Size Matters

Digital display ad creative: size matters

Need intel on the best banner size? Coming right up!

At Choozle, we think the saying “size matters” is especially true re: digital advertising creative assets, and we pulled a ton of data from our own platform to prove it.

Before we dive in, according to our data—pulled from the Choozle platform over the past six months—here are the top 10 best banner sizes for digital display ads:

  1. 728×90 (Leaderboard)
  2. 300×250 (Medium Rectangle)
  3. Native (creative sizes vary)
  4. 300×600 (Half Page Ad)
  5. 320×50 (Mobile Leaderboard)
  6. 160×600 (Wide Skyscraper)
  7. 640×360 (16:9 Video)
  8. 970×250 (Billboard/Custom)
  9. 320×480 (Custom)
  10. 300×50 (Mobile Leaderboard)

Digital display ads: creativity is key

This isn’t the first post we’ve written about the importance of your creative assets. No matter how exceptional your product or service is, how stellar your landing page looks, or how fabulous your team is, no one’s going to click your ad unless your creative is compelling—not to mention, being shown to the right people.

What’s the best banner size for website ads?

If you search “best banner size,” “best performing digital display ad sizes,” “digital display ads,” or something similar, you’re likely to see a lot of search results that also contain “Google” in the result.

Believe it or not, not all display ads are run through Google—ahem, some are run through Choozle or other software—and all of those DSPs aren’t one-size-fits-all. Google’s best banner sizes—although similar—aren’t always going to be the best banner sizes for your digital display ads (unless you’re running them in Google, of course).

Best mobile banner ad sizes

According to eMarketer, mobile advertising is growing exponentially faster than total media. Accordingly, advertisers are spending more ad spend on mobile. It’s predicted to increase mobile’s share of total media to 47.9 percent by 2022.

Not even taking into account the increasing budgets being shifted to mobile, the more time users spend on their mobile device—versus their laptop or tablet—the more digital display ads will need to be responsive to that shift in customer behavior.

According to Match2One, the 320×50 Mobile Leaderboard creative size stands out among the rest as the most widely-used mobile ad format.

When choosing your mobile banner ad sizes, the best thing you can do is remember that each campaign is unique. The type and size of any certain creative may perform much better in one campaign than another, depending on the tactics you’re using and the goals you’ve set. Your data is going to be the best judge of the best creatives for you.

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