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Jan 29
The Five Best Marketing Podcasts

5 best marketing podcasts (that won’t put you to sleep)

I don’t know about you, but even as a podcast lover, it’s pretty easy for one to put me straight to sleep—especially if the host just drones on and on about work stuff. There’s a little thing called “work-life balance” that I take pretty seriously, so for me to willingly listen to a marketing podcast outside of my day job is a big step. Luckily, with the world of podcasts expanding more and more each day, the competition is getting tougher making business podcast teams focused on engaging their listeners more than ever.

It’s easier to learn when you’re awake.

Here are my five best suggestions for learning things without feeling like you just clocked back in.

AdExchanger Talks from AdExchanger

Fast facts
Average episode length: 30-40 minutes
Focus: Data-driven marketing, issues, and trends in marketing & tech

Why you should listen to it
If you’re big on the numbers, this podcast is for you. In each episode, a different industry expert speaks on topics that span across different facets of data and marketing. Executive editor at AdExchanger Zach Rodgers interviews industry leaders, and in each episode, they explore the issues and trends that matter to brand marketers, ad agencies, publishers, media companies and technology providers.

Seeking Wisdom from Drift

Fast facts
Average episode length: 15-40 minutes
Focus: Leadership, sales, marketing, product, growth, +more

Why you should listen to it
We can all agree that it’s nice to break things up every once in a while—which is why we like Seeking Wisdom. It covers a range of topics that aren’t just marketing or advertising-specific, but Drift has revolutionized digital marketing with their coined term, “conversational marketing,” so as you can imagine, their podcast is conversational and laid-back in nature. It’s an easy listen with plenty of good takeaways.

The Growth Show from Hubspot

Fast facts
Average episode length: 20-25 minutes
Focus: Growing a business, an idea, or a movement

Why you should listen to it
You guessed it, this podcast covers all things growth—and when it comes from the content marketing giant Hubspot, you can probably trust what they have to say. Plus, the host, VP of Marketing at Hubspot Meghan Keaney Anderson oversees the company’s blogs, podcast, and overall content strategy, so when combined with interviews from high-growth companies like Warby Parker, Patagonia, and Coffee Meets Bagel.

Social Media Marketing Podcast from Social Media Examiner

Fast facts
Average episode length: 45-55 minutes
Focus: Social media strategies, tactics, and actionable tips

Why you should listen to it
I love this one because it’s 100% dedicated to social media. Navigating the world of social can be overwhelming, so if there’s a way to stay up-to-date on the latest in social media on a weekly basis without having to read 35,938 different articles, sign me up. Host Michael Stelzner, CEO & Founder at Social Media Examiner, provides his own unique insight as well as holds interviews with industry experts.

Call to Action from Unbounce

Fast facts
Average episode length: 25-35 minutes
Focus: Digital marketing success stories

Why you should listen to it
The Call to Action podcast is conversational in tone, which gives it a This American Life feel. They describe their podcast as breaking down the art and science of marketing, from strategy all the way to measurement and optimization. They interview those on the front lines such as marketing directors, copywriters, data analysts, and “conversion-centered designers” to paint a well-rounded picture of what a successful digital marketing strategy looks like.

Did you know Choozle has a podcast? We’d like to say it’s one of the best marketing podcasts out there, but we will let you decide. Click below to check it out on Spotify!

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