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Sep 13

Five tips for your holiday campaign using digital advertising

The holiday season is upon us! With 71 days until Thanksgiving, 89 days until the start of Hannukah, 101 days until Christmas, 103 days until Kwanzaa, and many other holidays happening within the same time, I’m sure you’re well on your way to planning for all those digital advertising holiday campaigns. Are you feeling a little overwhelmed? We’re here to help. Below are five helpful tips for running your holiday digital advertising campaign!

Adjust Bids

The holiday season is a busy time for brands and advertisers. Everyone is trying to reach their target audience during the active travel and shopping time. Because of this inventory will be low and you should plan on bidding aggressively. Start by placing your bids at a higher max and min then what you usually would. Keep an eye throughout the campaign and either adjust higher or lower to get a better win rate.

Use the Data

A lot of consumers travel during the holiday season. Jetting off for a weekend at grandma’s or a mountain getaway. Within the Choozle platform, there are tons of third-party data segments advertisers can use to target their audience. Using third-party data segments allows advertisers to know exactly the type of person they are targeting.

Target a specific audience like “holiday travelers” or “holiday shoppers.”

Engage Customers

One to get consumers to pay attention to your brand during the holiday season is to create eye-catching creative. These creative assets can be festive, heartfelt, or comical but it should be bold and fit with the overall theme of your campaign. For example, check out HubSpot’s article on “15 Brilliant Examples of Holiday Marketing Campaigns”.

Another way to engage your target customer is to include any special offers or deals on the creative. These can be displayed as the main headline, “You Can Save More Money on Electronics This Holiday Season with Us” or the call-to-action “Save 15% Today!”. But, be sure that keep in mind that whatever that specific ad is promoting, the landing page should correspond. If you’re selling electronics, link to the electronics section. If only one product is 15% off today, link to that specific product.

Implement Cross-device

You have mobile ads. You have desktop ads. So, why aren’t you using both mobile and desktop ads to target your ideal customer? To reach your ideal customer successfully, consider implementing cross-device. With cross device targeting, you will be able to reach a consumer when they look up “Smart TVs” on their mobile phone and again when they look up “Samsung Smart TVs” on their desktop. Now it is your ad displaying in front of the right person, wherever and whenever they are looking up your product type or industry. Cross-device targeting can also come in handy when running retargeting.


It should always be a best practice to run retargeting throughout your holiday campaigns. We’ve all purchased a product and then had that advertisement appear promoting a product that would be perfect to go along with what I just bought. And, I’d say 75% I’ll give in and purchase that item too because “Wow, it does go great with that!” Whether you are trying to upsell the consumer or persuade them to buy an abandoned cart item, retargeting is the best method to reach your audience!

The holidays can be hectic with traveling, online shopping, booking hotels, more online shopping. Follow the tips to create a digital advertising campaign that will make your life more relaxed throughout the holiday season. And, place your advertisements in front of the right people!

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