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Mar 22

The Seven Pillars of Digital Marketing Success: Introduction

In order to launch a successful programmatic ad campaign, whether it is your first or five-hundredth, you’ll need to understand the foundations of digital advertising as well as The Seven Pillars of Programmatic you can use to create consistent success when executing your marketing plan.

Programmatic advertising encompasses several automated media execution tactics, such as real-time bidding (RTB) auctions, Programmatic Private Marketplaces (PMPs), and Programmatic Direct deals that guarantee inventory and rates.

To help agency executives understand how to use programmatic advertising more effectively in client media plans, Choozle has identified seven pillars of programmatic success. Explore and fully understand the impact of each pillar with a dedicated ebook and blog posts for each chapter:

Coming soon:

  1. A Well Defined and Validated Audience: How to create or adapt proven audience targeting into a programmatic engine

  2. An Extensible Content Foundation: How to set up creative and content success in new channels

  3. A Timeline that Drives Momentum: How to build timelines that increase the runway for success

  4. A Budget that Achieves Objectives: How to “do the math” for programmatic programs by channel

  5. Resource Allocation for Effective Media Mix Strategies: How to assign resources to deploy programmatic campaigns effectively

Each pillar builds on the previous ones to create a strong foundation for implementing programmatic advertising campaigns that deliver high rates of return over time. Whether you’re creating a campaign focused on reaching mobile users or launching a TV ad through connected TV, these pillars apply to all campaigns using programmatic technology.

If your goals involve launching digital campaigns powered by technology with workflow automation, streamlined processes (no insertion orders or spreadsheets), and reducing human error while increasing transparency and control, then get familiar with The Seven Pillars of Programmatic to build a strong foundation that will help you scale your efforts and win in the digital space.

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