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Sep 09
Amazon DSP

Introducing access to Amazon DSP

With over five million marketplace sellers across Amazon and over two billion visitors per month, it’s become increasingly important to reach customers on Amazon-owned sites. But without access to exclusive inventory and proprietary data, it can be challenging to build campaigns that reach and engage users throughout the Amazon ecosystem. In order to help you continue reaching highly targeted and in-market customers, Choozle is expanding our managed service offerings to include access to Amazon’s Demand-side platform (DSP).

What is Amazon’s DSP?

Amazon’s DSP is an advertising platform that lets you programmatically reach audiences across Amazon-owned sites and other leading publishers. Just like other DSPs, Amazon’s DSP gives you the capability to automatically buy ads across thousands of different websites, including, and target customers using data specific to Amazon.

The Amazon DSP is a great tool for anyone selling on Amazon, and even for those who don’t. Amazon’s inventory covers websites, social media platforms, mobile apps, and online video channels that include a variety of different ad formats, inventory, and targeting opportunities.

How does targeting work?

Amazon DSP offers thousands of customer segments, as well as lookalike audiences, and insight into shopper purchase history and intent. From behavioral and lifestyle targeting criteria to retargeting data and contextual targeting, you’ll have access to a robust selection of detailed targeting capabilities that will drive your ad campaigns across exclusive Amazon DSP inventory. You will also be able to upload a CRM list and target those users via Amazon’s deterministic data at no extra cost.

Amazon’s proprietary data segments also include deterministic purchase data that is used to create interest and intent segments based on a user’s shopping history. For example, suppose a user has entered their vehicle identification number (VIN) into Amazon Garage when ordering parts or accessories. In that case, you can leverage that data to target specific car owners or car owners who are interested in modifying and upgrading their own vehicles.

Where do Amazon DSP ads appear?

Unlike sponsored Amazon ads, Amazon DSP inventory can be found on and off and the Amazon ecosystem. This is critical for D2C (direct-to-customer) businesses that are selling on Amazon.

Amazon’s unique advantage is their direct, exclusive inventory from Amazon Publisher Services and third-party exchanges. You can leverage Amazon’s exclusive online spaces and audience segments to show your ads across several websites, devices, and mobile apps, including,, IMDb, Zappos, Goodreads, Twitch, and many more.

Retargeting on Amazon DSP

The same as other programmatic ad types, Amazon DSP can be used to create retargeting campaigns. You are able to reach out and re-engage customers who have engaged with or purchased your brand before by either using Amazon’s Standard Identification Number from your Amazon product page or pixel retargeting.

Retargeting across Amazon’s platform can help cross-sell complementary products to visitors or previous customers, increase brand awareness for people who have visited your site without purchasing, educate site visitors about other products they may like, and remind previous customers when they’ll need to repurchase your product.

Amazon DSP ad placements can be used in as many ways that you can think of. From the number of different targeting tactics you can create, or supplement, a full-funnel campaign that can drive brand awareness through display ads across Amazon’s ecosystem at the top of the funnel, engage and educate customers through category and behavioral targeting in the middle of the funnel, and create conversions through retargeted ads at the bottom of the funnel.

Learn more about the key benefits of Amazon DSP and how to implement it by exploring our knowledge base article here.

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